Sunday, 14 October 2007

Introduction to Teachers Talking

Teachers Talking (TT) is an introduction to ICT for teachers in poorly resourced schools in Africa. TT-Online is the part of the programme which connects teachers in rural Africa (where Internet access is limited) with people in other countries who have easy access to the Internet. You don't have to be a teacher to join in. If you can use the Internet and are interested in finding things out and getting involved in an innovative project you could enjoy connecting with us.

Teachers Talking (TT) started in 2004 at Kafanchan in North Central Nigeria. John Dada (my friend and the director of Fantsuam Foundation) wanted some ICT training for local teachers. I had been involved with computers when they came into schools in the UK , and I also knew what schools were like in rural Nigeria, so John asked me to visit for a working holiday to run a course. I was determined to provide something that was relevant. I called it Teachers Talking because I wanted high fliers on the course to enter into informed debate about ICT education policy - not just be passive ICT users.

In 2007 COL (the Commonwealth of Learning) and CAWD (Charity for African Welfare and Development) funded a TT course in Kenya - and off I went on another working holiday. TT courses include an element called TT-Online. TT-Online aims to welcome participants into the world of "the connected community" even if it can only be for a brief visit. The TT Kenya participants are managing to come online sometimes although their one-week course is over. I am trying to build better connections between them and people in "the connected community" - hence this blog.

Information about TT has been appearing on the Internet since 2004, but it is scattered around. I have started this blog to gradually pull together TT information - present, past and future. As the design and development of TT is not my paid work
- I cannot say how much time will get devoted to the blog - but I hope it will become a useful resources and will attract people to get involved with TT.